Charley Bates2
Charley Bates was a character in Charles Dickens's novel Oliver Twist. Charley was a young pickpocket in the streets of London, trained by the elderly Fagin. Charley was a friend of The Artful Dodger, the leader of the pickpocket gang.


Charley wore a purple coat, a checkered waistcoat and a red scarf.


Charley was part of Fagin's pickpocket gang, the second best in the group to Dodger. He went with Dodger on Oliver's first day of the job, helping pickpocket Mr. Brownlow's handkerchief, a crime in which Oliver was blamed for as Charley and the Dodger ran off.

In the End, Charley is the only one in Fagin's gang to reform from a life of crime, becoming a shepard. In other versions, he becoms a farm hand.


  • Charley was the only one in Fagin's pickpocket gang to change.
  • In the 1968 film, there is another pickpocket boy, Charlie, who people often confuse as Charley Bates.