The Artful DodgerEdit

The Artful Dodger was the leader in Fagin's gang. Dodger had been arrested while stealing a snuff-box.

Charley BatesEdit

Charley Bates was the second-best in Fagin's gang and The Artful Dodger's sidekick. In the end, Charley was the only one to reform from a life of crime, becoming a shepard (in other versions, a farm hand).

Oliver TwistEdit

Oliver Twist had been part of Fagin's gang for some time, until he was arrested and brought to court while being accused of stealing Mr. Brownlow's handkerchief (in which Dodger and Charley had done). He was found innocent and was taken under the care of Brownlow.

Oliver joins once more after Nancy and Bill Sikes abduct him from the streets.

Noah ClaypoleEdit



Charlie was a pickpocket in Fagin's gang.

Nancy SikesEdit